One Part Ivy League. One Part Hip-Hop. All Awesome | campus

Throughout his life, there have been times that Zach Schwartz has felt like an outsider. Like he didn’t fit in.

It was during these times of discomfort that Zach found comfort in self-expression as a writer. What began as an adventure with poetry, eventually turned into full on passion of hip-hop and writing that allows him to share his views and opinions with the world.

An earth science major at Columbia University with a crazy work ethic and desire to improve, Zach’s words can be read on, and his passion for hip hop can be heard in his original songs on SoundCloud.

Originally from Cleveland, we talked with Zach about his journey to the Ivy League, his passion for rap music and the 5 people he’d invite to dinner.

Profile ZachWhat’s unique about your story?

Someone could read my writing or know my life story and think it…

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