What College Students Really Think About The Resume

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On college campuses across the country, students are regularly drilled on the “rules of the resume.”

Only one page! Have an objective. Use action verbs! Put your education at the top! Update your LinkedIn page. And on and on.

The question begs, even though students constantly are reminded of how important the resume is, do they even believe in it?

We asked college students from across the country for their thoughts on the resume. Here’s what they had to say:

Do you think the resume is an effective way to showcase a person’s experience and personality?

“No, because the things that make a person interesting – the books they read, the hobbies and interests they have, etc. – often don’t show up on a resume. Just because you’re accomplished doesn’t mean you’re a good collaborator.” – Zach Schwartz

“No, it can be a factor in experience, but you could never…

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