Having long, thick hair can be a blessing and a curse. Some days, I love having hair I whip around (cue Willow Smith), other days, the thickness and length gets to me and I can barely get a brush through it. So, cutting my hair has definitely been in the cards lately, especially with the Euro trip coming up! Luckily, a lovely lady by the name of Andi (of Oui We Girl) reached out to me this past week and offered up a complimentary coloring service at Gaudet Bros with Greg Pike, their new colorist and a styling service with Micah. Needless to say, this was the perfect excuse for a haircut as well. KZOEB-color

Since I haven’t colored my hair in years, I’ve been playing around on Pinterest and have found plenty of inspiration photos. From Nicole Richie’s lilac to a light ombré, my head is spinning with what I am going to tomorrow at my appointment. Looking forward to it and be sure to check out Instagram for the final decision!

– Zoë

Featured images from Pinterest. 


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